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Our Inmates | khelaghar.org

Our Inmates

Inmates of Khelaghar are from the underprivileged section of the society. At present we have around seventy two children in Khelaghar.

 Their background is often traumatic, sad and stressful.

Their world is always ruled by hunger and poverty

And all the niceties of human society is sadly missing


Khelaghar has endeavored, therefore, to create a congenial atmosphere interwoven with nature which, while  not alienating them from their roots, would at the same time give them solace through a relaxed daily routine in a harmonious surrounding.At Khelaghar the children, coming from impoverished background, get to experience all the joys of living and at the same time ways to fit in the mainstream  when they grow up and leave Khelaghar to try their luck in the real world.


From early morning prayers till – they spend their time working, relaxing, playing, singing amidst Nature. Their classes are held in the open, without the confines of  walls, under majestic trees. The sustained exposure to the sky, trees, flowers, music teaches them to love and respect the elements, environment and the splendours of Nature. It has a calming effect on their minds.

It won’t be perhaps out of place to mention that Late Maitraye Devi the founder of Khelaghar received Global 500 award from UN for her work on rural reconstruction and preservation of nature in Khelaghar .


 The importance of Khelaghar is not in its size but in its concept and ideals as envisaged by Tagore and for it’s complete dedication to the welfare of those of our little ones, who for no fault of theirs , are born with great disadvantage.