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New Class rooms for Khelaghar | khelaghar.org


New Class rooms for Khelaghar

New Class rooms for Khelaghar

“The Picture Shows the new class rooms for Khelaghar children. The class rooms have been completed, thanks to the generous contribution organized by Mr. Amit Ray through his company AT&S.

Class rooms in Khelaghar are mostly open air under majestic trees ,surrounded by deep green of nature and water body . The purpose being that children don’t feel hemmed in by walls….. even during class the children are not distanced from nature…. Conscious efforts were made to provide a natural background which would cradle the children as they grow up and where they would not feel alienated from their roots…..

The risk of plundering nature is now being recognized but little has been done to amend the ways of the world. In Khelaghar the children are growing surrounded by nature and hopefully they would learn to love and nurture it. “

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