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Donation & Sponsorship | khelaghar.org

Donation & Sponsorship



 depends entirely on


 For it’s survival, growth and activities


Since it’s inception, the journey of Khelaghar through the last 45 years has been an unique one. It has faced successes and failures, joys and disappointments, but through it all Khelaghar has maintained it’s steady progress till now, Khelaghar has the potential to do much more for humanity, but to do that we need greater financial support.

Its goal is always the same i.e. WELFARE.

KHELAGHAR is an EFFORT to give help to the children in need and in distressed

Your donation could go a long way to help a child to grow healthy, to survive ,to  go to school and to smile a confident smile.

Sponsor a child and help a child to dream…..

Sponsoring of one child per month    Rs    1,500 /-


Khelaghar: Home Ministry registration no. for receipt of Foreign Donation – 147120121

 Khelaghar: is exempted u/s 80G I.T. Act and u/s 10(23C) of I.T. Act

Donations:cheques or drafts are to be made in favour of ‘Khelaghar’

 Khelaghar Bank:State Bank of India

For local donations:

A/c No. 11000016236

Branch: Ballygunge Branch, Gariahat Road, Kolkata 700 019

 Standard Chartered Bank

For foreign donations:

A/c No. 333 1 001318 8

Branch: Gariahat Branch, Kolkata

Swift Code: SCBLINBB (for speedy transfer of foreign donations)